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Someday, I’ll be a real human! Who hates her body!


Questions to Consider:

  • What product is this ad selling?
  • Is this a photo of a woman? (hint: look at the shoulder and wrists)
  • In the quotation at the top of the ad, who is talking?
  • What do you notice about the shading of the model’s body? What is the effect?

What We Think:

We see so many images of women with no heads, just parts of their bodies shown, or missing body parts altogether. And that’s dehumanizing enough. But this one goes a step further: It’s a mannequin—an ideal for women to aspire to—not a real woman. Worse still, this mannequin’s body parts are being criticized in the ad’s text. See all the pointers to the various body parts? Take note of the one that says “Stomach: Weight gain and loss. Childbirth. Need we say more?” (subtext answer: “Your stomach is ugly and flabby.”) So thanks a lot, Elizabeth Arden, for your “total transforming anti-aging moisturizer” advertisement that only helps transform us into women who hate our bodies.

–Jennifer Berger


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