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The liquor we won’t be drinking.



Questions to Consider:

  • What product is this ad selling?
  • How did the designers use color to highlight certain parts of the ad?
  • What are some words to describe the woman’s legs?
  • Where is the bottle placed?
  • Does the woman in this ad seem to be a real person?

What We Think:

Women’s bodies are often used in advertising as a convenient accessory to the product being sold. We may tend to shrug off ads like this one as just another case of “sex sells.” Sex does seem to help sell products, but whose sexuality, exactly? Usually it’s a woman’s body and sexuality, as seen through the eyes of men. The woman in this ad isn’t even really a whole woman, either—she’s a set of body parts. The web site for this company is even more offensive, so we suggest you proceed at your own risk.

–Jennifer Berger


Matti Anttila, Owner
Cabana Cachaca
201 East 69th Street, #10S
New York, NY 10021

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