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“American Objectification” is more like it.



Questions to Consider:

  • What product is this advertisement selling?
  • Describe the position of the model’s body.
  • What does the expression on her face say to the viewer?
  • Is her mouth open or closed?

What We Think:

With the model bending over and her lips parted, what we have here is one more symptom of an oversexualized culture that, ahem, helps women believe their looks and sexual availability are all that matter. Sure, American Apparel clothes are sweatshop-free and made in the USA. But does that make this kind of ad acceptable? This is one of the many advertisements from American Apparel where a woman is shown in a sexualized position. We’re sure you can go to their web store and find many more. Just don’t buy anything while you’re over there, ‘K? (By the way, the T-shirts we sell in the About-Face web store do not come from American Apparel.)
— Jennifer Berger


American Apparel, Inc.
747 Warehouse St.
Los Angeles, CA 90021
Phone: (213) 688-1474
E-mail: Use the form on American Apparel’s web site to write your productive diatribe.

The Onion
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