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Multitasking at its most sexist.

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Questions to Consider:

  • What product is this ad selling?
  • What is the expression on the woman’s face?
  • Is it a good idea to eat a burger while you’re riding a mechanical bull?
  • What, ahem, activity do the woman’s movements suggest?

What We Think:

In this commercial, we see a woman riding a mechanical bull and eating a burger. She somehow manages to get hardly any food on herself, and when she does, she sucks her fingers to appear even more seductive. At the end of the commercial, a message appears. “Eat right. Exercise more.” Fast food is not eating right and riding a mechanical bull isn’t exactly exercise (at this speed, anyway), unless she’s trying to get a muscular lower back by arching it so much. Carl’s Jr. is trying to get people to buy their food using a woman’s gyrating body.

— Holly Crimmins (About-Face intern)


Carl’s Jr.
Byron Allumbaugh, Chairman of the Board
6307 Carpinteria Avenue, Suite A
Carpinteria, CA 93013
Phone: (877) 799-STAR (7827) or (800) 422-4141
E-mail: Use this form on their web site to sock it to ’em.

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