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This one gives “playing games” a whole new meaning.



Questions to Consider:

  • What is this game teaching young girls about themselves?
  • Is there advertising on this site? What kind?
  • How do the makers of this game make money?

What We Think:

For starters, the site is called “Miss Bimbo.” This site, which many pre-teen girls and older girls have visited, is a cluster of every insecurity that any girl may endure or already have. Well, we played this game so you don’t have to: You’re first given an ideal height and weight to maintain. You are given the option to achieve your “goals.” My bimbo’s goal just so happened to be to change her “drab” hairstyle and become a “popular” blonde with pigtails! If I achieve these “goals,” I will soon gain VIP access to new products, get a hot boyfriend, and snag a cool new job. And with my bimbo dollars (purchased with real money through PayPal), I can purchase a face-lift for 9,000 bimbo dollars or breast implants for 11,500. You can even give your bimbo an eating disorder to accomplish her “goals.” As of this writing, there are 570,000 “registered bimbos.”

Luckily, people have sent complaints to the creators of Miss Bimbo about the idea of purchasing diet pills for your individual bimbo for when she is not at her ideal weight. So now, diet pills are no longer available, but these complaints haven’t gone far enough.
— Holly Crimmins (About-Face intern) with thanks to site visitor Bobbi G.


Miss Bimbo
Ouza Ltd.
33 Dunloe Avenue
London N17 6LB
United Kingdom
Phone: 44 020 8880 3472
E-mail: Use this form on the Miss Bimbo web site to send them an e-mail.

Learn how to write a great complaint letter here.