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Violence and objectification coming soon to a magazine near you!



Questions to consider:

  • What is the ad selling?
  • Who is the advertiser (company selling the product)?
  • How is “shock value” used to sell the product?
  • What is being depicted? How are brands usually used?
  • How does your bottom feel when you look at this ad?
  • Does that feeling make you want to buy the product?

What We Think:

We give this ad two thumbs down. Objectification is bad enough, but when it turns a woman into a cow? Completely uncool, guys. And when you throw physical harm into the mix, it contributes to the idea that violence against women is acceptable. While a version of this poster showing a naked man was also produced, we don’t consider equal objectification to be gender equality. Not surprisingly, we’ve seen this female version a lot more. For a film that proposes to challenge the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America’s) rating system and censorship, the ad just as strongly contributes to another of institution in our country: Sexism. (Oh, and by the way, About-Face is not into censorship.)


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