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The Skyy’s the limit for bad taste!



Questions to consider:

  • What is the first thing we see in this advertisement?
  • What is the woman wearing? What is the man wearing?
  • Where is the bottle pointing?
  • How do you feel when you see the advertisement?

What We Think:

Are Skyy Vodka advertisements beginning to look the same to you? We think we’ve figured out their formula:

  • Two shots half-naked, oversexualized woman appearing in a pre-orgasmic (or orgasmic) state.
  • One shot fully clothed man enjoying the “view”
  • One cup alcohol held or drunk in a sexualized manner

It is pitiful that Skyy has constantly used this formula to sell their vodka. Sex supposedly sells, but whose sexuality exactly? The woman in this ad is wearing a transparent, wet dress, while her male counterpart is fully clothed in a power suit. While holding a drink in one hand, he pours vodka into her glass with the other. The bottle is pointing between her breasts, drawing the reader’s eye to them. The expression on her face tells us she is enjoying it. Aside from the sex and gender stereotypes this advertisement perpetuates, it contributes to the already huge problem of showing an unattainable body ideal. The model portrays what we think of as “ideal beauty”: she is thin, big-breasted, and tall.


Skyy Spirits, Inc.
1 Beach St. #300
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 315-8000