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Advertisement for Philips Flat TV



The text to advertise the new FLAT TV reads: “Introducing a television so thin it will give regular TVs a complex.”

Visitors sent us this advertisement more than any other. We agreed with one in particular when she replaced the word “Flat” with a different four letter F word…

In 1988, the average person in the United States saw 14 percent more TV advertising than two years before, or 650 TV messages a week as part of the total 1,000 ad messages each day. The industry calls this situation “viewer confusion”: Just 1.2 of the 650 messages are remembered, down from 1.7 in 1983; the advertising business is in a growing panic” (Wolf, 1992).

Philips Customer Care number:
ph. 1-800-722-6678 From the USA
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