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“I really enjoyed the presentation About-Face gave [my group],
and it was probably one of the first times I ever felt positive about myself.”
— Priya, age 16

49% of youth have significantly higher self-esteem after attending one About-Face workshop.
— About-Face evaluation of 425 students, April 2015

About-Face media-literacy workshops take a spirited, sassy, and informative approach to teaching students and other groups how to “read” and process the media messages they see every day. AND they deliver results in the form of improved body satisfaction, self-esteem, and critical-thinking skills.

About-Face workshops equip young women and men with concrete, systematized tools to understand representations of gender in media and resist negative messages about their body image, identity, and self-esteem. We’ve been successfully leading workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1998.

Find out what Josh Zimmerman of Ida B. Wells High School thought of the About-Face workshop. (44 sec.)

How they work

Workshops are available for young women and men ages 13 and up (7th grade and up) in either girls’ groups or mixed-gender settings in classrooms, at conferences, and for nonprofit and community groups. We will send one of ten trained workshop leaders to work with your group. Our workshops are usually between 50 and 90 minutes, and we limit the number of participants to 35 per workshop.

Our workshops and programs can take the following forms for your group.

  • One session in a school (classroom) or community setting.
  • Four sessions in a school setting: The same content for each class, a four-part module, or any other combination.
  • Ten sessions in an after-school or weekend setting for teens, culminating in a teen-created action.

About-Face workshops are:

  • Guided, not lecturing: We don’t tell kids and adults what to think, but instead let them develop their own thoughts. Our questioning process is very similar to the Socratic method of inquiry.
  • Interactive: We provide discussion time and opportunities to process what each person is experiencing, and to hear everyone’s voice.
  • Appealing to teen audiences: We center workshops on dynamic media, such as TV and movie clips, web sites, and images from magazines.
  • Action-oriented and positive: We leave participants inspired to make change, not feeling hopeless.
  • Sassy and edgy: We use humor, making the workshops feel like fun, not like a boring class.

The majority of About-Face workshops are delivered in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re sorry, but we cannot accommodate requests for workshops outside of our area at this time. In the future, we hope to train workshop leaders via webinar.

Results and outcomes

In a recent study of 425 of our workshop participants, 49% of youth had significantly higher self-esteem after attending one About-Face workshop.

More results and outcomes are being analyzed and will be posted here.


Let us know you’re interested

Step one: Click here to fill out our interest form.
At this time, we are working with groups, schools, organizations, and our donors to co-fund our workshops. To start the process, let us know you’d like About-Face media-literacy workshops for your organization, or event. While we may not be able to accommodate you right away, we will work toward funding your workshops.

We look forward to meeting you and working with your class or group!



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