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Kim Kardashian Pregnant Featured

Why can’t we stop talking about Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy weight gain?

Date: March 18, 2013 | Posted By: Audrey
It can’t be easy being Kim Kardashian. First, there’s her mom. Then there’s the whole world scrutinizing her pregnant body daily—and using it as an opportunity to engage in more blatant body snarking and policing than I’ve seen in a while. Despite the fact that Kim is in the early stages of her pregnancy and Continue reading

Barbra Streisand Featured

Female celebs compared to aliens while men are harmless muppets

Date: March 3, 2013 | Posted By: Larkin
I watch the Academy Awards with a bit of skepticism every year. My favorite part is generally the live performances, and this year was no exception. Leave it to Facebook to totally dampen my joyful viewing experience. I was scrolling through my news feed while watching Barbra Streisand sing and all of a sudden I Continue reading

Fey Poehler role models featured

In praise of female celebrity role models

Date: February 12, 2013 | Posted By: Stacey
I think we’re due for a piece full of praise. A high school English teacher in Chicago, Ashley Lauren Samsa, shared on Bitch magazine’s website a list of positive female role models in pop culture, as drafted up by her students. She wrote, “The list is a good insight into what interests teen girls these Continue reading

Cameron Russell featured

Supermodel Cameron Russell and the gene pool lottery

Date: January 21, 2013 | Posted By: Hailey
“Young girls shouldn’t aspire to be models.” Most people wouldn’t expect these words of advice to come from one of the most successful models of the year, but last week, Cameron Russell, a Columbia University grad and successful supermodel, appeared on CNN to discuss her TedX Talk that recently went viral, “Image is Powerful.” Claiming Continue reading

Lena Dunham featured

For the love of Girls

Date: January 17, 2013 | Posted By: Heather
I love Lena Dunham and I love her show Girls. No, it isn’t perfect, but it does provide one of the most honest portrayals of young, twenty-something females that I have seen to date. Dunham, the 26-year-old rising star who recently bagged her first two Golden Globes, writes, directs, and stars in the HBO hit Continue reading

Nudity in films featured

America: obsessed with nudity (but only the lady version!)

Date: January 7, 2013 | Posted By: Hailey
The end of a year always brings with it some interesting “Top Ten” lists, ranging from best dressed to most money to least likely couple. But The Huffington Post took it to a whole new level with “The Best Nude Scenes of 2012.” Drawing on movies released throughout the past year, the Post created its list Continue reading

Rebel Wislon

Rebel Wilson to host 2013 MTV Video Awards (hopefully sans size-snarking)

Date: December 31, 2012 | Posted By: Heather
On December 21st, Rebel Wilson announced via Twitter that she would be hosting the forthcoming 2013 MTV Video Awards. I received this news with sheer excitement. Amid the usual toxic and exploitative trash passed off as TV programming, MTV gets a rare thumbs-up on its choice for this year’s host. The last female we saw Continue reading

Lea Michele Featured

Lea Michele and the ethics of cleavage

Date: | Posted By: Hailey
Lea Michele, famous Glee star and fashion icon due to her recent appearances in Marie Claire and Glamour, has a lot going for her. Her incredible voice and competitive acting skills have catapulted her to the forefront of the public eye. However, in the most recent issue of Marie Claire, Michele pointed to her breasts Continue reading

Wilow Smith Featured

Jada Pinkett Smith empowers Willow to whip her hair… or not

Date: December 3, 2012 | Posted By: Tessa
Earlier this year, Jada Pinkett Smith came under fire for allowing her 12-year-old daughter Willow to cut and color her hair. In response to this criticism, Smith recently wrote an open letter on her Facebook page, defending her decision. She said: The question why I would LET Willow cut her hair. First the LET must Continue reading

Kourtney Kardshian Featured

Taking the shame out of shapewear

Date: November 26, 2012 | Posted By: Audrey
Bump Watch (the obsessive and voyeuristic tracking of celebs’—or anyone’s, really—growing pregnant belly) is so last year. Today, it’s all about Spanx Watch, or rather, trying to catch the moment when celebs unwittingly flash their Spanx in public. That’s right. Who’s wearing “shapewear” is now big news. Just recently, new mom Kourtney Kardashian was caught Continue reading