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I attached my blog post, about E!'s Fashion Police. The first picture Your comments about my weight are making me crazy! But commenting about her weight is totally ok!

Media moguls seem to miss the point of the Golden Rule

Date: July 5, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
I remember so well my pre-school days of being taught that I should treat others the way I want to be treated. I’m not a Pollyanna about the fact that the pop culture media is not exactly prone to use this as one of their guiding principles, but sometimes they outdo themselves. E!’s show Fashion Continue reading

Traditional Russian food is often fatty, to help make it through the winter.

Eating to live in Siberia

Date: July 3, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
I recently returned from four months living and studying in Irkutsk, a large, beautiful city in Eastern Siberia. Since I usually live and study in Ohio, it was quite a change. The most striking thing about travel is how you end up learning more about the place you left than the place you’re in. There Continue reading

Not having dropped the weight has branded Aishwarya a slacker.  Yet if she spent all her time post birth at the gym, she'd be labeled a Bad Mom.

Body-shaming hits Bollywood

Date: June 28, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
Over the years, there have been some pretty glaring examples of other countries caving to western beauty standards. For example, in 1999, a Harvard study documented the outbreak of eating disorders in Fiji, a nation that favored fuller figures until the arrival of television (and U.S. programs like Melrose Place and Xena: Warrior Princess) in Continue reading

KiR 1

Yo magazines: It’s time YOU went on a diet!

Date: | Posted By: Stacey
Somebody needs to go on a diet and it’s not us. It’s the media. Their current regimen? High in digitally deceptive additives (ahem, photoshop), low in nutrient rich reality and diversity. The cure? We want real. Not retouched. That is why About-Face is honored to join the frontline of the three-day social media Keep It Continue reading

What will it take to give women back their confidence in academia?

Wanted: Television role models for female academics

Date: June 26, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
As I go into my third year of college this September, a recent article on The Guardian inspired me. I would consider myself an aspiring academic, and the article revealed the results from a report that stated only 12% of third-year female PhD students want a career in academia.This is not to say that a majority Continue reading

The tasteless trio, all celebrating weight loss.

Kelly Clarkson succumbs to celebrity diet culture

Date: June 22, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
Every shopper knows the unavoidable magazine display at the register, the check-out landmark that showcases popular women’s magazines and tawdry tabloids, covers awash in headlines that boast tone up tips and slim down secrets. Digitally doctored celebrities pose provocatively next to unhealthy promises of how to “Eat, Drink, and still Shrink.” A recent US Weekly Continue reading

Oh, these are just my two gold medals.

Is it a good idea to insult one of the strongest athletes in the world?

Date: June 19, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
I love the Olympics. I mean, LOVE. Every other year I sit poised eagerly on my couch, ready to watch downhill skiers plunge through the snow, gymnasts vault into the air, and swimmers and skaters speed through the water and across the ice, with such talent and skill that it’s literally an art form. I can Continue reading

It's not enough just to change the portrayal of characters, we have to educate our youth on what they are consuming as well.

Study confirms that TV makes all kids, except little white boys, feel bad

Date: June 14, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
Color me surprised at yet another study evidencing TV consumption, specifically for young girls and black boys, as self-esteem squashing. The exception? Little white boys. Yes, this is yet another indication of the lack of diversity represented on television, but I think this is only a small slice of a much larger problem. Released last week Continue reading

The Riding Mower candle smells just like "freshly cut grass," otherwise known as "that smell you shower to get off you after mowing the lawn."

Candles: Now available for men

Date: June 12, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
Are you a man? Do you love candles? Are you deeply and appropriately ashamed of your love of candles because everyone knows candles are feminine (and there is nothing worse than being feminine)? Well today is your lucky day! Yankee Candles has released a line of candles that’s masculine enough to fit any manly man’s Continue reading

We assume you'll not only be married more than once, but also that you hope your wife will not have the ability to speak.

Sexualized Svedka fembot, go away!

Date: June 7, 2012 | Posted By: Stacey
Ok, so – I know that the last post I wrote was about an alcohol commercial promising to make you manly, and I can’t say that I was exactly expecting to be hit with another wave of sexist advertisements for an alcohol brand – but then again, given what we’ve seen thus far, we can’t Continue reading