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our partners

These wonderful people and organizations make it possible for About-Face to empower thousands of young women per year to stand up to media messages and improve their self-esteem.

Our donors

January 2013 to March 2014

Agnes MelchisAlaina Benot

Allison Rotter

Amanda Edmund

Andy Berkenfield

Anika Alvarado

Anne Germanacos


Bank of the West

Barb Gelb

Beverly Ingram


Carolyn Bormann

Carolyn Hanrahan

Catherine Kelliher

Cellar Angels

Center for Discovery

Cheryl Olinger

Chris McCloy

Dan Dworkin

Darryl Dworkin

Dawn Slabodkin

Deborah Barber

Devy Walker

Dolphin Philanthropic Fund

Elizabeth Nartker

Emily Bonelli-Padow

Emily Sanford Ho

Eric Dunn

Eric Mah


Gina di Grazia

Gloria Hanrahan

Jackie Schawrtz

Jacqueline Permutter

Janet Hohbach



Jaqi ThompsonJean Kilbourne

Jeff Carlson

Jenn Gbur

Jennifer Benson

Jennifer Berger

Jennifer Eames

Jessica Van Tuyl

John DeNero

John Ignacio

John W. and Marsha Elliot

Jonathan Edwards

Judy Heyboer

Julie McSweeney

Karen Chandler Cain

Karen Gordon

Kate Berardo

Katherine Gundling

Kathy Bruin

Kelly Greenwood

Kendra Hyett

Kiersten Densley

Kim Murray

Kjerstin Gruys

Kris Nations Jewels

Kristin Ramsay

Larry L. Hillbloom Foundation

Laura Worby

Lee Ann Bird

Linda Hammond

Lisa Christie

Lisa Lee

Lisa Star

Mandy Lunsford

Maralyn Tabatsky

Marcella Raimondo

Mary Kay Hyett

Michael Lattig

Michelle Bolek

Miftah Leah

Mildred Maxwell Dysart

Nancy Alpert

Nancy and Henry DeNero

Norman Berger

Pat Newmann

Patricia McManus

Patxi’s Pizza

Rita and Robert Elmen

Robin Endres

Rumin Jehangir

Rush Sabiston

Salesforce Foundation

Sandra Braverman

Sandra Mateus

Shailushi Baxi Ritchie

Shana Nishihira

Sharon Sasaki

Shelley Zovickian

Sherie Berger

Silvia Patel

Siri Nybakk

Spruha Thompson

Stefanie Faucher

Susan Kimberlin

Susan Kwock

Susan Mizner

Taara Hoffman

Two Sisters Bar and Books

Valerie Neumark

Virgil Champlin


Yonnie Leung




American Association of University Women

Larry L. Hillblom Foundation

ebay logo Foundation


Sponsors of recent events

For information on sponsorship, please contact us at (415) 839-6779.




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When you sign up for DreamHost, our web host, they will make a donation to us.

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Wufoo is an awesome way to make web forms easily, and they give us a 50% discount for posting this link.


Web site creation

Rootid (web design)

Radical Designs (web development)


In-Kind Donations


The cool people at Zapier help us connect our web site forms to our database (and they can do a lot more, too!)


Networks and honors

 GuideStar Exchange Seal recipient

for our commitment to transparency

Founding member of

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